About 3:00pm on Wednesday, October 26th 1881 the inhabitants of Tombstone, Arizona Territory ran for cover while for 30 seconds, 30 shots were fired in an alley by the side of the photographic store. The men involved were standing about 6 doors away from a livery and horse corral whose name was to go down in history. This is the gunfight which epitomizes most people’s view of The Wild West.

1957 Movie Title

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It was not until 1957 when a movie based on the life of one of the leading protagonists became famous the title stuck, from then on it became known as the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and the rest, as they say, is history. Except of course that is not the whole story.

The Gunfight

The fight took place between the lawmen led by Virgil Earp, his brothers and their close friend Doc Holliday against the leaders of a criminal gang known as the cowboys. Thirty seconds later three of the cowboys were dead on the ground, three others including Holliday lay wounded.

A while later another one of the cowboys, somehow presaging modern America, filed a murder suit against Wyatt Earp and Holliday. A preliminary hearing and later a grand jury exonerated the lawmen.

Visiting Today

Visitors to this historical places to visit today will get a much better sense what took place that day. The real story is much more complex than a group of vigilante lawmen trying to stop cattle rustling.

This is the best sort of real history where visitors get a real sense of the historic background, why it was so important to all involved and even why they felt a gunfight might solve the situation.

As always happens the back-story changes what you thought you knew.

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Before you throw out that old piano or guitar, you may want to think about donating them instead to a children’s organization or directly to impoverished children. If you are unsure of where to do this, you can google on where to donate piano NYC – or any other musical instrument, for that matter.

But why should you donate your old instruments? Here we have just four good reasons.

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1: Music Gives Children A Better Head start

Learning a musical instrument can give children better head starts in life. When this is applied to children who are already lacking, the results can be truly extraordinary.

2: You’ll Be Helping Your Community

Donating locally will help your community. You will be assisting impoverished children in your neighborhood or town, which can in turn improve graduation rates, quality of life ratings, and so much more. It can also help the local economy, by granting those living there a better chance at owning their own businesses or pursing a humanitarian career.

3: Get A Tax Write Off

Items which are donated can be written off your taxes as a charitable donation. This applies not only to musical instruments, but also to clothing, household items, and anything else you donate to charitable organizations. That old piano nobody has played in years could potentially help you write off up to $500 on your taxes while simultaneously helping others in the process.

4: You Aren’t Using Them

If you aren’t using your musical instruments, it just makes sense to give them to someone who will. When donating to an organization which helps children to learn how to play music, you can be guaranteed those instruments will not only get a lot of play but will also be appreciated in a way many will never understand.

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When you are in a position to create a good event, the load is on you and you soon realize that you have quite a task at hand. Before getting into a panic or thinking that you cannot handle the load, consider that there are professionals out there who can help. You do not need to do all of the planning on your own. In fact, that may not bring the very best results.

Professional event planners and designers are available to work in your area. Instead of trying to take all tasks on yourself, look to event production nyc services and see what they can do for you and the event. This will take plenty of steps, so it is better to have the experts on the case. If you were to try and put everything in place on your own, it would be too much.

event production nyc

Look for a service with a great reputation for providing lighting and settings for all events and dances as well as other music venues. You will want to see example videos and this is the kind of information that will be provided as you consult with the professionals on the matter. They can coordinate all of the event additions to just the right degree for balance and for pleasure.

For example, once the lighting and sound are set, what about the food? It could be a catered, open buffet or it could be served in formal courses, table to table. Either way, with the help of a good event planning company, the catering will be perfect without you having to manage an entire catering staff.

Get with the right event planners today and then you can plan the minor details. Now your job should not be so difficult. You can rest easy knowing you got the best planning for the event.

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Why the heck have a party. That’s how a party pooper would spell it out. But you’re no pooper, you’re an animal. You’re a party animal and you’re looking for any old excuse to have a party. It’s just that you’ve been doing this for so long already you’re starting to run out of ideas. Now you’ll be wanting something fresh and original to use. How challenging is that? It is. But you’ve got help along the way. You can use an online resource to help you with your new fandangled ideas. A range of drop-down or click with the button catalogues can be accessed.

From hereon you’ll gain access to your specialist graduation party planner or wedding planner. You can even gain access to old timer party planning tips and tricks. These are for the guys that will be retiring pretty soon. They’ll be making way for the college graduates no doubt. And after the college grads? Who comes next? Well, baby, of course. Have a big party bash to celebrate the new arrival. How could you not. Have you any idea what it took for the missus to handle this child’s arrival. And have you any idea what it took for this small child to get from there to here.

graduation party planner

It is a milestone event to be sure. And all milestone events should be celebrated. If it seems that nothing’s been doing the rounds lately, check it out once more. Do your block another turn. If it’s Friday and it’s the end of the week for you, that’s worth celebrating, right. Go around the neighborhood and it’s pretty certain you’ll be able to fill up a page full of birthdays, all worth celebrating. Yup, any excuse to have a party.

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functional fine art

One of the primary tasks of every fine artist out there is to create something beautiful from materials that appear to be bland and useless when first sourced. In today’s times, it is also necessary for the commercial artist to be on a mission to always create functional fine art that they know their clients and patrons can well and truly use in their living and work environments. Utilizing today’s contemporary (modern) tricks of the trade, the commercial or fine artist is working towards engaging beneficiaries in shared experiences and capturing a sense of authenticity within the environment in which the works of art are placed, over and above working towards creating both beauty and function.

Once a full brief between client or patron and artist is completed, a natural evolution of any vision that was shared or discovered will occur. The skilled and talented artist can design pieces for her customers that help them recreate memorable experiences over and over again. It is useful to have works of art about the place – the home, the work environment, or the public space – that are encouraging as natural or fixed conversation pieces. For the individual, in any setting, moments of quiet reflection are, of course, always possible. And the more astounding the work is, the more the possibility of creating a visual delight.

It could even be a movable feast in today’s contemporary times. The most gifted of artists are no specialists in just one genre. Given that they have the innate ability to work across many surfaces and numerous other materials besides does not make them the proverbial jack of all and master of none either. There is always imagination. There is a vision, perhaps even a supernatural ability that conjures up visions and emotions of there being fire in the sky or eyes.

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Larger events, when they are done outdoors, require a good way to cover stations from the sun and potential rain. Notice when you go to festivals that almost every booth has a large canopy tent above each and every stand. This is the perfect example of what you will need for events as well. It should be a stand-alone tent with sufficient anchoring to the ground.

event tent rental

There are plenty of options. You could go to one of the major markets and buy one. Be careful with that one though. Often, there are cheap versions but they tend to break down easily or they get swiftly blown away by moderate winds. Others may be costly but not as effective as you would think. Somewhere in the bunch is the right tent, but which is it?

Instead of dealing with all of this nonsense, just go ahead and look into getting an event tent rental. One thing is for sure and that is the tent you will be renting is definitely of the quality you would need for any event, hence the name. The fact that you must rent the tent means that others have used it before and it works.

Then, if you still want to buy one, at least you have a real idea of what the right one will be and what it will feel like. The better tents are more expensive so you will do well to just rent if you only have one or two events to prepare for. If you are a professional event provider, you will need to actually invest in the tents and not just rent them.

Get your event on focus. Don’t be concerned about the tent or other issues which can be contracted out. Focus on the details which really matter in the end.

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If you are a massive fan of playing cornhole, you are probably wondering how you can find some quality boards to keep at the house. Playing cornhole is something that you can do on any casual Saturday afternoon. And you can even turn it into a serious tournament, if you want. That is the beauty of this game. You can play around with a few friends for fun. Or you can invite a lot of people, get them into teams of two, and have an absolute blast playing the game for hours!

One thing that you will need if you want to make the game even more fun is custom cornhole boards. Why? Because you will be able to show off these boards to your friends. And we believe that you will just feel better when you are playing on a quality and fun board. The options for these boards are endless. You can find boards for cornhole that have the logos and colors of different sports teams from around the country. Say you are a huge fan of a specific NFL or NBA team. You may want to get a cornhole board that can show off those colors and the team logo!

cornhole boards

There is another option that you may want for a cornhole board. You can even get a fully custom one made. You will tell them precisely what you want on your board and they will get it made for you. We believe that it is a great option if you are serious about the game. Say you want to get a board made with specific colors. You may even have your own cornhole team and you want that logo on the board. There is so much that you can do when you are able to buy fully customized boards for cornhole!

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Are you looking to throw a party? Do you want to make sure that you can get everything that you need to stay ahead of the curve? And how can you make sure that you are going to get what you want? Here are some thoughts on throwing a fun party that everyone is going to remember.

In order to save money, put together bachelorette party ideas seattle so that they will have less of a chance of being canceled because of bad weather. If you’re getting something like party rentals, you will want to make sure that you don’t miss out on your deposit or anything else that you may be trying to do or achieve. Look at your schedule, try to miss bad weather (snow, etc), and have a good time putting it together.

If you’re having a large party, save some money by having people bring stuff! Whether you have a friend put together a cake for you or you are looking to make sure that you can save a lot of money. Look around and compare whatever it is that you may be looking to do so that you can find solutions and save a lot of cash while still throwing the best party that you can throw for friends and family alike.

bachelorette party ideas seattle

If you’re in a situation that the price of something is less because of having a certain number, always invite a few more so you can guarantee the number and the reduced price. You want to look around and compare prices, of course, but you also want to see what you can get your hands on to make it better as well. Talk to the place that you’re holding the party to see what you can do to save some cash.

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As a proud, good, kind and caring parent, you will always be concerned. There is only so much you can do in the long day to take good care of your small and growing children. More work is necessary if your child has special needs. You will be concerned in wishing to know that the professional care giver trusted by you to watch over and educate your child on your behalf is continuing to do a sterling job.

As a professional, qualified and loving care giver, just babysitting or teaching fulltime, you will be pleased to know that further peace of mind is being brought to you as well. As you – parents, teachers and all caregivers – well know, playtime is essential for every growing child. Not only are the children just plainly having a good time, their developmental and co-ordinatory needs are being taken good care of as well.

But what about playtime – indoors and/or outdoors – for children with special needs? That has been taken care of. A special needs swing can be installed in a child’s nursery or out on the playground. Indoor playthings that require physical participation are essential to help provide young children with their much needed stimulation and aiding them in the development of their motor skills. And today, this is possible with children with special needs who have always been mentally and physically challenged up to now.

special needs swing

Children with special needs are no longer restricted or limited. There is a wide selection of swings and toys for children with special needs, all available for purchase online. The toys and apparatus are great for both indoor home use and classroom, playground and clinical settings. But do let the challenges endure for them. It is good for their development.

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