4 Reasons to Donate Your Old Musical Instruments

Before you throw out that old piano or guitar, you may want to think about donating them instead to a children’s organization or directly to impoverished children. If you are unsure of where to do this, you can google on where to donate piano NYC – or any other musical instrument, for that matter.

But why should you donate your old instruments? Here we have just four good reasons.

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1: Music Gives Children A Better Head start

Learning a musical instrument can give children better head starts in life. When this is applied to children who are already lacking, the results can be truly extraordinary.

2: You’ll Be Helping Your Community

Donating locally will help your community. You will be assisting impoverished children in your neighborhood or town, which can in turn improve graduation rates, quality of life ratings, and so much more. It can also help the local economy, by granting those living there a better chance at owning their own businesses or pursing a humanitarian career.

3: Get A Tax Write Off

Items which are donated can be written off your taxes as a charitable donation. This applies not only to musical instruments, but also to clothing, household items, and anything else you donate to charitable organizations. That old piano nobody has played in years could potentially help you write off up to $500 on your taxes while simultaneously helping others in the process.

4: You Aren’t Using Them

If you aren’t using your musical instruments, it just makes sense to give them to someone who will. When donating to an organization which helps children to learn how to play music, you can be guaranteed those instruments will not only get a lot of play but will also be appreciated in a way many will never understand.